четверг, ноября 29, 2012

Leather Pants

Balmain, Isabel Marant, Versace, Burberry and many other brands are happy to present you an item, that, according to the people’s opinions, it’s utility, esthetic side and popularity among celebrities and leading fashionistas, has already become a must-have of this fall-winter season – leather pants.
Leather pants are perfect alternative to usual jeans during a cold period of a year – they warm better, and legs look much more sexy and attractive in leather.
Despite the fact that a lot of people prefer black classic, you don’t have to limit yourself in the choice of color.  Of course, you’ll never fail if chose a black leather pair, however you also have a great possibility to be autumnally bright: red, brown, purple, yellow or green.
Street-style photos from all over the world can prove that you can combine leather pants with different tops and variety of footwear from classic Pradas to sporty Isabel Marants or Nikes. However, every leather item has a little bit dangerous quality: it can make you bigger and visually put on some weight. So be careful and watch your juicy ass not to make it immense.
Cold and wind, thin ice covering all the puddles, frozen senseless fingers and chattering teeth – it is our fav fall with its perfect and attractive trends. So it’s better to enjoy the weather in fashionable and bold sexy leather pants with a cup of tasty tea in your hands and relaxing music in your ipod. 

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