четверг, декабря 06, 2012

Massive Attack

Accessories and details are inalienable part of any look, that make necessary accents and complete the outfit. For somebody they are so important that actually make their style. Then, there is a question: what is in Vogue now? People who feel the pulse of fashion know, that this fall-winter season has prepared not small things as accessories, but absolutely massive bijouterie.
This trend has been on top for several seasons, but it has acquired its forth during the last year. And it is especially noticeable on the runways of fashion shows and on the fashion capital’s streets. So, it is better to put away your box with small stuff and become more free and bold, decorating yourselves with massive details.
Hypertrophied pendants are the best way to highlight girls’ fragility. Moreover they are perfectly combined with any outfit: boyfriend’s t-shirt, office blouse or evening gown.
You should remember only one thing: the price doesn’t matter, think about the size.

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