вторник, ноября 20, 2012

Fur and Furblocks for Fall-Winter

              The power of fur is that no one woman can pass by it. The fur, literally, seize the imagination and all the wishes with one visual interaction. But you should be mature to wear fur. So if you are indifferent to it, it only means that very-very soon the sense of emptiness will take you mind and soul, it will be ruining you from the inside. The sky will not give you any signs, but the only cure will be fur. You’ll feel it, definitely.
This season offers a lot of different fur decisions. It is not necessary to be covered from head to toes with fur, if you don’t fell comfortable looking over expensive. You can just make a few accents using furblocks.
Any look will sound differently if you add a drop of fur, as, for example, collars, capes, armlets, scarves or a Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs bag. Sometimes fur can highlight the softness of a look, or its insolence, or just be a warm piece.
Very often you can hear such phrases as “I don’t like fur and I don’t wear it”. Even more often you can be accused by animal “protectors”, who, however, buy leather boots without any hesitations. But artificial fur is also ‘in Vogue’.
Whatever! Let be honest to yourself: the deal is that there hasn’t been any man yet, who would gift you Your fur coat ^_^

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