вторник, ноября 20, 2012

Rubber Boots for Fall Slush

Who could ever imagine that rubber boots would become a part of contemporary fashionista's wardrobe! The rubber footwear is like a vestige of the past reminding of difficult destiny of the workers and peasants. A little bit earlier the gum footwear was like jeans a long time before – pieces for work – not fashionable or stylish, but definitely very practical. I cannot say that fashion made a turn in this case, sometimes seems that it just makes fun from time to time.
It is impossible to imagine a better variant for fall slush than a pair of rubber boots. Puddles are everywhere, and every second they threaten your perfect suede boots. Watch out!
To fight freaks of nature, you should be equipped with suitable outfit. Qualitative gum footwear doesn’t leak and can easily resist this horrible winter mess of snow+sand+salt+smth chemical.
Since Kate Moss put on rubber boots with a mini-dress, their popularity has grown incredibly. After there appeared a lot of other celebrities’ photos in rubber boots on the Internet and in magazines. The designers reacted immediately, so now you can find pretty expensive and beautiful gum footwear in Celine, Jimmy Choo, Dolce&Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Fendi collections.
Of course, a lot of people will say that such footwear is impossibly ugly, but some things, once appeared, become current forever. 

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