вторник, ноября 27, 2012

Multi-layers - multi-attention

In windy fall and severe winter you want to look as much stylish and spectacular as you do in hot summer and blooming spring. Unfortunately, very few European tendencies can get accustomed to Russian climatic conditions. So, there is one very fashionable and current trick that can save you in any weather – layers!
Though, if layers had been very light and not confident for several seasons, now they are bold, vivid and exaggerated. For example, you can put on a skirt over the trousers or a jacket over a coat.
Many European designers consider layers as boyish negligence and creative dreaminess. It sounds so artistic and out of routine. But you should be very careful with the trend, as usual, not to become look like a clumsy penguin or a honey-over-eaten Pooh.
If being thoughtful and careful in combination of different clothes, you can create very personal, fresh, very trendy and extra cool multi-layers look.
Layers is not a very original and new idea of the season, but this trend is always very different, very creative, very opened to fashionista’s imagination and very cozy and warm in our biting and piercing Russian winter.

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