вторник, ноября 27, 2012

People in Hats

         Remember, in childhood when we wanted to look and to seem more adult and independent, we immediately hid our hats, putted on our childish heads by our loving mothers? We hid them in a school bag or, at worst, in a pocket, giving away the secret.
        But nowadays every true fashionista has as many hats as shoes, bags and other accessorizes. Nevertheless, hat-situation sometimes remembers our childhood: it is cold and windy, but you have to s.e.e.m. adult.
       People want to be fashionable and stylish, want to find or to create their own image, but buying all the very personal and individual stuff, they just afraid of public’s reaction. What if people say…? What if people think…? What if people? – A fear not to be accepted by the crowd.
        It is a very strange feeling, because, as for hi-tech devices and cars, people always want to show off, to present their taste and wellbeing to the public. But as for personality and self-expression…complete fail.
        There are two cores of the problem: self-confidence and education.
        Be an object of attention – wear a hat.



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