пятница, ноября 23, 2012

Oversize: the bigger the better

The deeper is the autumn, the more we want coziness and warmth. Although, the weather is not wild enough yet, windy evenings already make us shake and shrink. Oversize trend has been on the top for not one season, but the closer to winter the more we need it. Despite coziness, it gives us sense of confidence, protection and freedom.
The tendency became popular several seasons ago, when designers went out in the streets and saw girls wearing their boyfriend’s jeans and t-shirts. The designers immediately seized this oversize wave and started doing cute and contemporary clothes of oversize silhouettes. And fall is the best season to enjoy this trend.
The reason why we love fall is that we can put on trench, coats, jackets, boots, furs and everything of various colors, fabrics and textures – you can mix them creating new looks of different styles and moods. And the oversize gives us perfect opportunity to mix and match more fav things in one look.
Nicolas Ghesquiere was the inventor of oversize coat, and now we can see them almost in every fall-winter or spring-summer collection. Oversize is partly vintage and partly boyish naughtiness, but deep inside it is something strongly romantic and free.
Oversize is like a challenge to the rule that clothes must fit. But is seems that all the fashionistas just neglect the rule or accept this challenge. 

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